Quick Fit Class - What's Quick Fit? This new and exciting class is fast and furious. You want a full body workout to build strength and get you conditioned and lose weight? Two rounds of 15 - 20 body blasting exercises that will make you wake up in a heartbeat! Starts out with a warm-up and then two rounds of Quick Fit exercises and a cool down. Take this challenge and give your body something new. Saturday Mornings 9am.

Yoga Class - Yoga is starting up soon on Saturday mornings 10:30am. Come and get the physical, mental and spiritual benefits from this class. Class is one hour. 

Kettlemania - This class is one of those calorie burners! A mix of kettlebell exercises with heart rate up exercises. One upper body round and one lower body round to jumpstart your body to another level. Get conditioned and make that fat cry with this new and fun class. This is a 50 minute class that will get you in shape. This class in in the mix for Thursday evenings.

Weekend Warrior - This class takes place in the Spring and Summer months. A mix of indoor and outdoor exercises to condition the body and get you the results you need. Weekend Warrior Classes depend on the weather and location. We try and run these classes at a local park to get and great outdoor workout.

Healthy Happy Hour - Small group resistance training with free weights and machines.  This will be mixed in on Thursday evenings from 6-7pm.

T & T - Tone and Trim! This is a low impact, high rep, resistance class that will tone and trim that body. Get ready to sizzle that fat off with this dynamite class! Friday mornings at 9:30 AM.

*Punch cards - This punch card is used for any of the Thursday - Friday or Saturday Classes. Questions ask?

Walk-in single session $15.00 plus tax

Four session Punch Card - $50.00 plus tax

Eight session Punch Card - $80.00 plus tax

          9.2 % sales tax is applied

The above listed punch cards are good for extra classes that take place on Thursday evening, Friday morning or Saturdays. (not to be used for any bootcamps classes. (Bootcamps are separate pricing)

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