Diverse Fit Club Testimonies
I take pride in delivering world-class service to all of my clients. Take a moment to see how some of my satisfied clients have transformed!  CLICK ON A PHOTO BELOW TO READ ABOUT THEIR TRANSFORMATIONS.
In 6 months Al got me in the best shape of my life...dropped 15 pounds, dropped two dress sizes and lost inches all over...just in time for my wedding day!!!! Thank you Al!!!!!!
Goal-Weight Loss:  Deanna's goal was weight loss.  She lost 100 pounds and rewarded herself with a trip to Hawaii!
Goal-Challenging Workout: My gym workouts weren't challenging so I joined Diverse Bootcamps and was amazed at the change in my body in such a short time. I lost over 20 lbs & was down 3 sizes.  At 66 years old, this is the best I have felt, and I didn't have to give up my wine!  Thank you! Becky
Goal-Healthier Life:  Having a hard time just walking up the stairs, Diverse Bootcamps is just what I needed.  In just a few months, I toned up, lost weight, and gained endurance; it changed my life.  I have completed four 5K races.  I love this class, it's addictive and fun!  Thank you! Carol
Goal-Weight Loss:  I was getting married in a few months and needed to get into shape.  I joined Diverse Bootamp and dropped over 30 lbs before my wedding.  This was the best gift I could give myself.  I am hooked on this camp and it rocks! Thank you! Sarah
Goal-Swimsuit Ready: Kelli's goal was to decrease body fat and increase strenth.
Down 30 pounds and I have kept it off. Three years later and I am still hooked on Diverse Bootcamps. These bootcamps and weight wathchers changed my life. I am stronger, leaner , faster run half marathons and hooked on fitness. Thank you Al!
I start training with Al 8 months ago so I could look great for my wedding day! I lost 23 pounds, gained muscle and got in great shape. I also included his bootcamp classes. It simply worked and I felt great on my wedding day. Thanks so much Al. 
Goal-Competition Ready:  Mary is an Open Women's Competitor, trained by Al Yenkevich.
Goal-Muscle Gain & Decreased Body Fat:  Age does not matter, in his 50's, Tom has become stronger and leaner.
Goal-Lose Baby Weight: After having my third child I wanted to lose my baby weight.  I joined Diverse Bootcamps and have lost 27lbs and have my body back.  I recommend this camp for those looking to lose baby weight. Thank you! Jennifer
Goal-Weight Loss:  Diverse Bootcamps is an awesome total body workout.  Of course eating right was part of it, but nothing like a real workout!  This is what losing 36lbs looks like.  Thank you Al for such a fun, dynamic, motivational bootcamp.
Goal-Weight Loss: Six months ago I joined Diverse Bootcamps. I told Al my goal was to lose 100 lbs. These workouts are awesome! So far I've lost a total of 70 lbs. I love it and will continue my journey with Diverse Bootcamps. Thanks Al for a life changing experience. - Sophia.
We got pregnant within a year together and now we have our bodies back. We are so happy and highly recommend women that had babies to give these camps a try. Thanks Al! Jen and Angela
My clothes were not fitting, I wore sweats and seemed to pull muscles doing simple chores, I joined Diverse Bootcamps. Wow! Simply amazing workouts. I lost 7lbs, gained strength, increased my energy & endurance. I am still doing these bootcamps and highly recommend them to others. Thanks, Trina
After I had my baby I just needed to get my body back. I returned to Diverse Bootcamps to lose the weight. Al helped me lose my weight with his bootcamp workouts. I lost a total of 20 lbs and I feel great being fit again. Thanks Al for the great bootcamp workouts, Angela!
Since working out at Diverse Bootcamps I have lost a total 30lbs. That’s right! By joining & doing these dynamic camp workouts 2 or 3 times a week, and with my good eating habits, it took the weight right off. Thanks Al for pushing me. There's truly nothing else like your workouts out there. Daina
I love this Camp Sweat. I have lost several inches all over my body and I am down 5 pounds and I have gained lean muscle. My energy and endurance has increased dramatically. Thank you Al, from Katie
Being a nursing student I do lots of sitting. I stumbled across this deal online to Camp Sweat for a four week bootcamp. So I bought it just to get a jumpstart on getting back into shape. With an experienced instructor pushing me, I got results quick! Thanks Al,  from Jennifer
At 51 years young and being active outdoors I wanted to get in better shape. 10 years on cholesterol meds and shoulder PT, I joined Diverse Bootcamps. I am now off my meds and in great shape, thank you Al - from Dave
My Goal: Get stronger and leaner. Not only did I get stronger, I lost 10 lbs. Diverse bootcamp classes are fun and a kick-butt workout. I love the girls I workout with and we have formed a bond. I highly recommend these classes. Thank you Al. From Jennifer
6 sizes and counting!! Since starting BootCamp in Jan of 2013 my life has changed. I can run with a tire over my head, I can actually run period! I feel healthy and I am showing my kids to never give up. Al and his workouts are like nothing I've ever done before and the results keep coming! Thanks Al!
Since Feb 2013 I went from a size 16 to a size 10 and lost 27 pounds. Thank you to Al and his Diverse Bootcamps! Rachel
My name is Mel and I did not like going to the gym and working out around other people. I found Diverse Fit Club online and set up a consultation. Was scared at first but now I am in the best shape ever and dropped 30 pounds. Thanks to Trainer AL
My name is Donna. My other friend that was training with Al brought me to his studio. I am a diabetic and I was hardly able to even walk yet alone get up off a chair. I have been training with Al twice a week and it has changed my life. I now have a gym membership to LA and love life again. Donna
Me and my Friend Donna train together at this great studio and it has changed our lives. Both of us are older and Al has taken us to a level that has made both of our lives wonderful. It is a joy to come and train at Diverse Fit Club. Thank you Al. Donna & Donna D1 and D2
I just love Coach Al's bootcamp classes and other classes. I have been coming for a year now and have gotten in such great shape and a 15 pound weight loss, added muscle and my endurance has climbed a whole different level. Thank you coach Al for helping my lifestyle of being healthy.
I started bootcamp 8 months ago. I also added in the Saturday morning Quick Fit workout at Diverse Fit Club. Along with cleaning up my eating and also a few in home workouts on the off days, I am now down a total of 30 pounds. Feeling great and I highly recommend these workouts!
I have gone to Diverse Bootcamps and Quick Fit Class and felt very welcomed being overweight. On my fitness journey with Diverse Fit Club I have gone from a size 30 to a size 14. This place has simply saved my life and I love it and now have the confidence and strength to be happy! Thank you DFC.
I needed to make a change for myself as my wedding was coming up. I joined Diverse Bootcamps and took the challenge. Now down over 20 pounds and 3 sizes and I got my results for my wedding. Great bootcamp classes and weekend classes! I am continuing to stay in shape at Diverse Fit Club!  Corey!
I needed to make a change in my life and decided to try out the Diverse Bootcamps. After nine months I am down from size 20 to a 12 and lost over 40 lbs. Self esteem, energy, strength, confidence and a great support group in these classes. Continuing my journey here. Thanks for all the help, Marcy.
Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. Take pride in your health and  become part of Diverse Fit Club's Personal Training - Diverse Bootcamps life changing results!
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