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Individual Session
Do you just need a fitness consultation and need to be shown a great workout that will get you results to continue on your own? At times you hit a plateau and you simply need to get the expert's advice to give you that fitness boost.

                             $75.00 - One Session

Diverse Fit Club Personal Training

In addition to the fitness classes, Diverse Fit Club offers one on one personal training, partner training, and small group training.
Start off with your initial orientation and find out what type of training will best fit your needs to help you reach your specific goals. From beginners to advanced persons, we will work as a team and put a plan in place that fits you best.

You can also take advantage of one of our Diverse Bootcamps or 
other fitness classes we have to offer.

For more information call: 425-330-3398 to set up an appointment.

One on One Training Packages
Need one on one training to hold yourself accountable. We will reach a decision together as a team on how many days a week you would like to train to meet your goals. Sessions are one hour.

  4 hr session package $70.00 per session

  8 hr session package $65.00 per session

12 hr session  package $60.00 per session

 8 half hour sessions $35.00 per session

Partner Training:
Want to make your training more affordable! Partner up with one or two friends and have some fun together training and reach your goals supporting one another. Includes initial consultation, setting your goals, body fat assessment. This is a great way to train together with friends and reduce your training prices.

$25.00 per person - 2 Person Training Session for half hour.
$35.00 per person - 2 Person Training Session for hour.

These prices and amount of sessions are scheduled and paid at the studio.

Small Group Training: 
Gather your private group and train together like champions and motivate each other.

Group training is a minimum of 3 people and a max of 6. Must have (3) for group training to take place otherwise it is canceled.

Form your group and call for availability on time slots.

4 punches for $100.00 or
($30.00 walk-in one session)

*One hour sessions. Only show up on the hour due to other training.
Diverse Fitness Club's  Personal training programs can help you reach your individual goals. We will partner up as a team and make it happen!

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